Our Companies

Our Companies

Our power plants across the nation provide approximately 50,000 megawatts of generation capacity, and our electricity providers serve nearly 3 million recurring retail customers. Through our company and our subsidiaries, we serve customers in all 50 states and D.C.

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Boston Energy Trading and Marketing

Boston Energy Trading and Marketing, LLC (BETM) is a leading provider of principal transaction and asset management services to North American power and natural gas markets.

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Distributed Generation

Our distributed generation (dGen) team is one of the largest third-party steam providers in the U.S., supporting districts with thermal energy nationwide. dGen also offers solutions to keep a variety of facilities running during grid outages.

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The EVgo network created the nation's first comprehensive, privately funded electric vehicle infrastructure of home charging stations and public fast charging stations, ensuring that EV drivers have complete confidence they will never run out of power.

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NRG Energy Services

NRG Energy Services is a provider of cost-competitive, energy-related operating and maintenance services for the power generation and industrial community. We serve customers in areas ranging from component repair and outage services to total plant O&M services.


NRG Home

NRG Home offers customizable electricity plans for homes in the Northeast. Pick the plan, term length, renewable options and special rewards you prefer.

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NRG Home Solar

NRG Home Solar helps homeowners create their own clean and renewable electricity – and a better future – through affordable home solar leasing, available in a number of states.

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NRG Yield

NRG Yield owns a diversified portfolio of contracted renewable and conventional generation and thermal infrastructure assets throughout the United States.

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NRG Carbon 360

NRG Carbon 360 is committed to reducing the carbon intensity of existing fossil-fueled generation. The first NRG carbon caputre and sequestration solution is now being constructed at a facility near Houston.

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Reliant provides a wide variety of innovative electricity and energy-related products to customers in Texas and the Northeast. Whether you're a three-bedroom house or a 103-story office building, let our team go to work for yours.

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