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Industries power the world and we power industry. Our solutions begin with a relationship, which leads to our deep understanding of each customer’s energy consumption. This ensures we deliver energy management solutions in exactly the right way, drawing from possibilities across our various energy sources.

This includes energy plans, efficiency tools, backup generation, demand response, distributed energy and renewables – tailored to meet the goals of each customer.

Whatever your business, we're ready to find your energy solution.


As a company with a generation portfolio of our own, we understand the needs of other energy companies. Experience in asset management, power plant operations and energy systems drives the solutions we recommend – and the improvements in efficiency and reliability they can deliver.

Institutions & Municipalities

Our solutions can take energy efficiency to a higher level. For cities, that means reliability without compromise. For universities, it can make renewable energy both a generator of bottom-line savings and a memorable learning experience.

From backup generation that keeps the power on, to renewable energy sources that reduce carbon footprints, we're guiding customers to a better energy future.


In healthcare, every dollar saved is a dollar to be used on patient care. Our solutions are bringing energy efficiency to leading institutions across the country – with energy saving approaches that span the energy spectrum.

Our ability to deliver customized energy management systems allows our customers to keep their focus where it belongs – on the health of their patients.

Transportation and Logistics

Given the energy-intensive nature of companies in these sectors, the opportunity for impactful new energy approaches is substantial.

Our team can enhance energy efficiency through customized solutions and tactical action plans to put them in place. This can lead to significant reductions in energy consumption, carbon emissions and peak-energy costs.

Manufacturing and Retail

For businesses that build products or sell them, keeping the power on can be a make-or-break factor. We can ensure that “open for business” is a daily reality through backup generation, energy management tools and other reliability-focused solutions.

In addition, we're bringing efficiency to the table through energy plans that drive economic growth, deliver measurable energy savings and reduce carbon footprints.

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