Community Solar

Community Solar

Community Solar is an emerging idea whose basic tenet is simple and powerful - allow many companies and even residences to tap into the benefits of solar energy. It creates a community of solar energy users.

With a Community Solar project, businesses and even homeowners purchase solar power generated by a solar installation located nearby. In this way, they "share" the power generated from the installation, even if individually they may not be suited for a stand-alone solar project. For customers without direct access to the sun, a large roof surface, a substantial energy load or the upfront capital to benefit from their own solar infrastructure, a Community Solar partnership can make solar both possible and beneficial in a number of ways. In addition, the presence of local incentives or tax credits can further enhance the economic equation and savings potential.

Great concept. Better reality.

Our renewables team is poised to put a renewable, sustainable Community Solar solution in place in areas where it is best suited for success. Our understanding of the business case for solar, strength as a long standing Fortune 500 energy provider, and track record of turning smart-energy concepts into delivered solutions is how we stand apart.

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