Large-Scale Solar/Wind

Large-Scale Solar/Wind

The large-scale solutions our renewables team is putting in place are both impressive and productive - whether tapping into the power of the sun or the wind. Our solar systems are typically ground-mounted and either fixed or employ tracking. They are most commonly located in remote, open areas with abundant sunlight. They can also be deployed in urban settings as a collection of multi-site roof systems that feed energy into the utility grid.

Our large, utility-scale wind installations integrate equally large wind turbines to develop and send electricity to the power grid - and eventually to end users who, increasingly, are requesting and using renewable forms of energy.

A track record as impressive as the technology.

The utility-scale solar and wind solutions put in place are numerous and varied. They include one of the largest solar thermal projects in the world, generating nearly 400 MW of electricity. That's just one example in a solar portfolio includes projects in the U.S., the Caribbean and Guam - all uniquely suited to the location where they've been installed. On the wind side, NRG is currently the sole or partial owner of more than 30 utility-scale wind farms, operating in 12 states - including the largest wind farm in California and seven in the state of Texas.

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