Origination & Asset Management

Origination & Asset Management

The landscape of the energy market is changing, sometimes in unexpected ways. The NRG Origination & Asset Management team recognizes the challenges of operating in an unpredictable market, and is dedicated to leading wholesale and commercial customers to both profit and peace of mind.

Offering best-in-class asset management services, along with a wide array of structured energy and capacity products, this team leverages extensive analytic and market expertise with an equally extensive generation portfolio, optimizing value for each customer's generation assets and ensuring regulatory compliance. Specific ways this takes hold include:

  • Tolling arrangements
  • Power purchase agreements
  • Full-requirement or shaped-load servicing agreements
  • Capacity contracts
  • Renewable solutions
  • Scheduling and settlement services
  • Demand-side resources

At NRG, we recognize the complexity of the energy market, so we will work continually with customers to design, develop and enhance products that meet requirements and keep their businesses running strong.

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