Backup Generation

Backup Generation

Open for business should be a guarantee, not a guess. With NRG Reliability Solutions, you won't have to turn anyone away. Forget about lost inventory and lost revenue. Just know you'll always have the power to do business.

We deliver the right-sized solution - right to your business. From retail stores and schools to industrial refineries and water plants, our power-generation capabilities are uniquely tailored to each individual customer's demands.

We deliver proven reliability with no up-front cost and a small monthly fee.

There's more:

  • Peace of mind knowing that your business is always on
  • Plenty of cleaner energy options throughout the installation process
  • Money savings by avoiding power outages on-site
  • Convenience of a single contact throughout the whole process, from design to install
  • Assurance of onsite, online and on-time generation
  • Flexibility of our team catering to your business' specific needs

Stay in power and let our team help. Call 612-564-1973 or email

Download our NRG Reliability Solutions information sheet.

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