Distributed Solar

We offer distributed solar solutions that allow businesses of all sizes to create electricity on-site using proven technologies. As a leader in commercial, industrial and utility-grade solar solutions, our team is here for you.

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In 2011, NRG became a national leader in developing solar systems with the acquisition of Solar Power Partners, a leading developer of commercial and industrial solar projects. At that time, we began offering solar leases to residential and business retail customers.

We are currently developing several unique solar installations in Arizona, including 12.9 MW of solar spread across the Arizona State University campus. We also have installations at a dozen Arizona public schools and a system that powers a cooling station at one of Phoenix's busiest METRO light rail stations. Combining Solar Power Partners' development pipeline of projects in California, Hawaii, Arizona, Connecticut, New Mexico, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Puerto Rico, NRG Solar continues to grow its leadership position in solar development and deployment for both utility and distributed commercial clients.

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