Sustainable Energy Advisory

Sustainable Energy Advisory

Businesses of all types and sizes understand the value of having sustainability goals. At NRG, we not only put our sustainability goals into practice, we help other companies achieve their own.

Regardless of where you are on your sustainability journey, we can help. Our Sustainable Energy Advisory team has the experience, passion and flexibility to help you turn your sustainability goals into real-world energy solutions.

Sustainable and practical

Sustainable energy solutions go beyond societal benefits to also deliver on more tangible business factors like return on investment, ease of integration and the ability to evolve as technology evolves.

Our approach

We believe that discovering the right energy approach for a customer starts with the customer. That means asking the right questions, analyzing the right data and establishing the right goals.

From a technology-agnostic mindset, a range of effective solutions can emerge.

  • San Diego International Airport - a formal sustainability policy and an energy solution that includes 3.3 MW of solar
  • Cisco - an off-site 20 MW solar energy facility in Southern California that is generating solar power for Cisco's San Jose headquarters
  • Princeton Health Care System - a multi-faceted energy solution that cut energy bills dramatically, reduced emissions and increased reliability
  • City of Houston - a large-scale emergency backup generation network, three-year electricity supply and financing support for a 50 MW solar facility
  • MGM Resorts International - one of the largest rooftop solar projects in the world atop the Mandalay Bay Resort Convention Center in Las Vegas

Voices of Sustainability

Learn more about who we are, how we think and what we deliver:

View Laurel Peacock talk about the growing impact of sustainability in business.

Laurel Peacock

The growing impact of sustainability in business

View Lynda Clemmons talk about how sustainable solutions that are good for society and for business

Lynda Clemmons

Sustainable solutions that are good for society and for business

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