Grant Requests

Grant requests

The positiveNRG program strengthens communities by investing in the places where we do business. We focus on giving back to the community in three main areas:

  • Education grants and scholarships strengthen international understanding, cultural exchange, environmental education, entrepreneurial education and/or local knowledge of the independent power generation business and help to meet the educational needs of communities where we operate
  • Environment grants fund initiatives that preserve natural resources or help to meet the environmental needs of communities where we operate
  • Human welfare grants provide humanitarian assistance and/or disaster relief, improve public safety and help to meet the human welfare needs of communities where we operate


The positiveNRG program gives preference to organizations and initiatives that have a meaningful and direct impact on the community, as well as nonprofit organizations and initiatives that are supported in partnership with the community. We encourage investing in initiatives that strengthen community involvement and inclusiveness.

Generally, we do not support sponsorships and club activities unless there is a unique initiative that complies with the positiveNRG policy and guidelines.

In most cases, we will not contribute to religious, political, veteran and fraternal organizations, except for related programs that directly benefit the community and not the organization. We do not contribute to organizations that support terrorist activities or discriminate.

If you're part of an organization that's passionate about helping the community, we encourage you to submit a grant request today.

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