We tackle projects and programs that help us become better stewards of the ecosystems closest to our hearts and homes.

Galveston Bay Foundation

We've partnered with the Galveston Bay Foundation for all 17 years of its Marsh Mania event, which has gathered more than 7,650 community volunteers to restore 200+ acres of vital saltmarsh habitat at 84 sites around Galveston Bay. The NRG-owned and operated Cedar Bayou EcoCenter donated 10,500 wetland plants to Marsh Mania in 2015 alone.

Through a partnership with the Galveston Bay Foundation's Get Hip to Habitat program, area schools participate in a hands-on science module that includes wetland education, plant harvests from nursery ponds at the EcoCenter and plant growth on school campuses. At the end of the school year, the plants are used in coastal restoration.

Additional initiatives

  • Source to Sea Cleanup

    Since 2004, teams from our Middletown Generating Station have helped pull a junkyard's worth of trash from the Connecticut River, its shoreline and Dart Island as part of the annual Source to Sea Cleanup project.
  • Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute

    For 15 years, NRG and its predecessor companies have proudly supported the Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute in California. Our most recent efforts include dune and oyster reef restoration, exotic vegetation removal, school science partnerships and environmental education.
  • Green Mountain Energy Sun Club

    Since being founded in 2002, the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club® has provided more than 900 kW of solar power through 75 unique projects supporting more than 70 nonprofit organizations
  • Sustainable land management

    We own more than 18,000 acres of undeveloped land and work with local communities to lease this land to farmers and ranchers at favorable rental rates. In return, these farmers and ranchers work to regenerate nutrients in the soil and preserve the natural beauty of the area.
  • Nature Conservancy

    We've teamed up with the Nature Conservancy in a long-term effort to protect and restore the Santa Clara River Watershed, which features Southern California's last large, relatively free-flowing river and is home to dozens of threatened or endangered species.

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