Carlsbad Energy Center

Carlsbad Energy Center

A project. A community presence. A commitment for the future.


NRG is committed to the goal of providing reliable, efficient power to consumers in the San Diego area. To deliver on that goal, the California Energy Commission issued a license in 2012 to NRG to build a 558 megawatt (MW) power plant in Carlsbad.


Today, a new technology is available to allow the new facility to better meet the power needs of the area.

New Plan

NRG has asked the California Energy Commission to amend the original permit to enable the use of different turbines that would run less frequently than what was first proposed while also increasing overall capacity to 600 MW. Under the new plan, the Carlsbad Energy Center will use six flexible, fast-starting GE 'LMS 100' turbines.

Real Need

The need for new generation is urgent. After losing 2,200 MW of capacity with the retirement of the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station, the region will lose another 965 MW of capacity when the Encina Power Station is retired in 2017 to comply with State regulations governing the use of ocean water for once-through cooling.


NRG is the only energy provider positioned to obtain a license by mid-2015, construct, and complete the project for service to the grid by 2017. The new approach will offer a number of added environmental benefits – a lower visual profile, improved air quality, and reduced water consumption including the use of recycled water. The technology will operate during periods of peak demand and help integrate a growing supply of renewable power. It will also ensure grid reliability when the weather impacts wind, solar and hydro power.


Beyond the delivery of efficient and reliable power, NRG has supported community programs to help improve the quality of life in Carlsbad and North San Diego County. From education and youth programs to environmental and sustainability projects, NRG and its employees are actively engaged.

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