Carlsbad Energy Center Timeline


Original Proceeding

September 2007

NRG files Application for Certification (AFC) for original power plant design

November 2009

California Energy Commission (CEC) Staff releases Final Staff Assessment, supporting the project

May 2012

Commission approves original Carlsbad Energy Center Project (CECP) Commission Decision

Amendment Proceeding

January 2014

City of Carlsbad, San Diego Gas & Electric and NRG agree to amend CECP to a peaking plant, and NRG agrees to begin removal of Encina Power Station after CECP is online and Encina is retired

May 2014

NRG files Petition to Amend, modifying CECP to peaking plant design

February 2015

CEC Staff releases Amendment Final Staff Assessment supporting the project

July 2015

Commission approves Amended CECP Carlsbad Amendments Final Commission Decision

November 2015

Commission rules on appeals and issues Final Commission Decision Commission Order on Appeals and Final Commission Decision

Site Preparation/Retired
Fuel Tank Demolition

January 2016

CEC approves site mobilization and tank demolition Approval of Site Mobilization and Below Ground Demolition

June 2016

CEC approves construction to proceed Approval of Start of Construction

Amended CECP

March 2017

NRG begins CECP construction

April 2017

NRG begins concrete foundation pours

June 2017

NRG completes foundation pours for gas turbines Concrete Pour Notice for 5th Gas Turbine

August 2017

NRG receives first gas turbine and begins installation

December 2017

NRG anticipates to receive final gas turbine for installation

Q4 2018

NRG scheduled to complete Amended CECP and generate power for the grid

December 31, 2018

Encina retirement date in compliance with California's updated Once Through Cooling schedule for Encina.

January 1, 2019 –
December 31, 2019

Encina decommissioning time frame, 1 year after retirement

January 1, 2020 –
December 31, 2021

Encina demolition time frame, 2 years after decommissioning

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