Puente Power Project - P3

Puente Power Project - P3

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A Bridge to California's Energy Future

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California has made great strides transitioning from a system heavily reliant on traditional fossil-fuel fired generation, including 1950s generation that relies on ocean water for cooling purposes, to one increasingly comprised of renewable generation. Renewable generation at this point is inherently intermittent. Thus, as we transition to this clean energy future, flexible, fast-starting and efficient facilities that can start on demand are needed to help bridge the gap and ensure that our electricity supply remains stable and reliable.

In 2012, the California Public Utilities Commission identified a need for up to 290 MWs of generation in the Oxnard area. After a competitive process evaluating many types and locations of generation, Southern California Edison selected P3 as the best overall approach to meet this need.

Operating on a limited, as-needed basis to ensure reliability, P3 will act as a bridge from our current mix of electrical generation to a future that is more heavily reliant on renewable sources.

The Puente Power Project promises flexible, efficient, generation that can enable additional renewables.


This new project will accommodate the retirement and permanent removal of two existing units at the Mandalay Generating Station in Oxnard, California; eliminating associated marine impacts in support of the State's Once Through Cooling Policy and result in a state of the art, LEED certified facility.

View of Mandalay Generating Station today.

Simulated view of improved coastline after demolition of our old units voluntarily included in the project by NRG.


NRG designed the P3 project to minimize environmental impacts. It will be built on a previously disturbed site within the boundaries of an existing power plant, allowing for re-purposing and re-use of the existing infrastructure. Design of the entire site accounts for the potential impacts of climate change, weather-related events and sea level rise.

Quick Facts

Puente Power
Project Puente Power Project
Location Oxnard,CA
Project Size 262 MW
Project Completion Q2 2020

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Today's Date

Mayor Flynn and Councilmembers Ramirez, MacDonald, Padilla and Perello
300 West Third Street
4th Floor
Oxnard, CA 93030

Dear Mayor Flynn and Councilmembers Ramirez, MacDonald, Padilla and Perello:

I am writing to share my feelings about NRG's proposed Puente Power Project and I urge you to authorize immediate negotiations with NRG.

The only way to ensure our City receives an appropriate Community Benefits Agreement, including the removal of power plants from our beach, is to engage in formal, constructive negotiations with NRG.

The citizens of Oxnard deserve to know what assurances NRG will guarantee as part of the project.

Ultimately, a fully negotiated agreement should be presented to the Oxnard City Council for consideration.

The City of Oxnard should be talking with NRG to secure the best agreement possible for our community. If the Puente Power Project is approved by regulators, the residents and businesses of Oxnard will know that a legally enforceable agreement is in place and that the City of Oxnard will receive the best possible benefits.

Thank you for this consideration.


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