District Energy

District Energy

District heating and cooling systems produce steam, hot water and/or chilled water at a central plant and then pipe the steam and water underground to individual buildings within a specific district area. This process is energy efficient and reliable, typically requiring less capital investment, risk and operational costs than systems where each building must maintain its own boiler or air conditioner.

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Several of our district energy centers use combined heat and power (CHP) technology to produce heating, cooling and electricity for customers within the district. They are staffed 24 hours a day by energy professionals, with reliable backup systems that ensure continuous service.

District Energy: Now's the TimeThe highly local nature of district energy centers make them an energy-efficient option that can also reduce costs for customers who no longer have to purchase and maintain their own boilers, furnaces, chillers and AC units. Because of volume purchasing discounts, fuel costs are also reduced.

We abide by strict emission control standards and eliminate the need for district energy customers to keep fuels, chemicals and refrigerants on site, increasing overall district safety and environmental-friendliness. Moving to a district energy system can increase the dependability of electricity, reduce the number of maintenance issues and reduce overall costs within the district.

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