Natural gas

Natural Gas

Natural gas is a reliable, lower-carbon fuel that's produced domestically and can be paired with renewables to ensure a reliable and much more sustainable grid.

In California, where renewable sources are poised to account for one-third of the electricity produced, we're leading efforts to transition older, less efficient coal plants into flexible, fast-ramping natural gas facilities that can support grid reliability as more and more renewable operations and preferred resources, such as energy storage, come online.

In May 2015, the California Public Utilities Commission approved San Diego Gas & Electric's power purchase and tolling agreement for NRG's Carlsbad Energy Center in Carlsbad, California. The five-unit, 527-MW natural gas peaking plant is expected to reduce start-up time from half a day or more to 10 minutes, which reduces carbon emissions and enables better integration of renewable generation into the grid. The Carlsbad plant is expected to come online in 2018.

In Texas, construction nears completion on a 360-MW gas-fired peaking plant near the city of Bacliff, southeast of Houston. The station is expected to be operational in the third quarter of 2016 and will use six GE 7E economical fast-start combustion turbines, which require no water for cooling, to produce enough electricity to power 72,000 Texas homes. Because of their fast-start capability, the units potentially allow us to help integrate renewable power from intermittent wind and solar generation into the ERCOT grid.

¹Before noncontrolling interest

²Includes 2 TWh for NRG Yield's thermal steam and chilled water facilities

³Consists of recurring customers who subscribe to one or more recurring services

As of Dec. 31, 2015. (Source: 2015 NRG Form 10-K)

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