Steam is a safe, energy-efficient means to power industries and people's lives. Our advancements in turbine technology allow us to provide off-the-grid support for your business district while keeping maintenance costs low.

Our solid history in thermal energy began with the sale of steam to industrial customers in Minnesota in the early 1980s. Since then, we have grown – substantially. Through the years, dGen – formerly NRG Thermal – has continued to evolve, proving time and time again to be a safe, high-quality and environmentally sound service provider.

Specializing in distributed generation across the country, dGen owns and operates Energy Centers – district energy systems and combined heat and power plants – that all boast a unique system and solution. All have a strong track record of success, yet each is distinctive in configuration and the particular service it provides.

Some Energy Centers heat, some cool, some do both – and still others provide steam for industrial processes. Several systems serve one or two large users, while others serve hundreds of customers of all types and sizes within major U.S. cities.

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