The traditional windmill has been around since 2000 B.C., and at NRG, we are making this historic energy producer significantly more effective more than 4,000 years later. A single wind turbine can power nearly 500 homes, and that's a power we can't ignore.

NRG has ownership in 32 wind farms including the largest wind farm in California and 7 in the state of Texas. Our wind farms produce a total of nearly 3,000 MW in 12 states stretching from California to Pennsylvania and from Minnesota down to Texas.

Right now, we are navigating a changing market, and we pride ourselves on having both a flexible mindset and the financial strength of a Fortune 500 company. These qualities, plus a team of in-house experts and partners, allow us to bring you solutions that will be the most cost-effective, efficient and technologically-sound for your particular needs.

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