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Lakeland Electric and NRG Energy Begin Operation of Solar Power Plant in Lakeland, FL

February 07, 2017

Lakeland Electric, in partnership with the City of Lakeland and NRG Energy, Inc. today announced the commercial operation of a 3.15 megawatt (MW) AC solar power field that will supply electricity to Lakeland Electric, the third-largest public power utility in the state of Florida.

The Medulla Road Solar Facility spans approximately 30 acres and its 11,640 solar photovoltaic panels are expected to generate enough energy to power more than 1,000 homes. The project will avoid the emission of more than 11 million pounds of carbon dioxide in its first year.  

“Utilities like Lakeland Electric are driving an evolution in America’s energy mix as they seek cleaner sources of power that provide increased certainty over energy costs,” said Craig Cornelius, Senior Vice President of NRG Energy and head of NRG's Renewables group. “We’re proud to partner with the team at Lakeland on this solar power project and look forward to the renewable energy it will bring to the community for decades to come.”

In addition to the 3.15 MW Medulla Road facility, Lakeland Electric currently pulls power from three other solar projects located within the Lakeland Electric territory. The solar power capacity of the total Lakeland portfolio is expected to reach nearly 15 MW.

“Our customers told us they wanted renewable energy. We are excited to expand our portfolio with clean, reliable renewable energy, which will enable us to give our customers predictably priced low-cost electricity for years to come,” said Joel Ivy, Lakeland Electric’s general manager.

The completion of the solar power plant will be commemorated with a ribbon cutting ceremony on February 8th, 2017. City of Lakeland Commissioners and Mayor Howard Wiggs, City of Lakeland City Manager Tony Delgado, Lakeland Electric General Manager Joel Ivy, former Lakeland Electric Alternative Energy Coordinator Jeff Curry, and NRG Energy representatives will all be in attendance. 

Lakeland officials will also take time to honor the company’s former solar expert, Jeff Curry, who retired in November 2016 after a 27-year career in the solar industry. The Lakeland team appreciates his hard work and dedication to alternative energy projects through the years. 

Operation and maintenance of the solar farm will be performed by NRG Energy Services, which provides nationwide services to operate, maintain and repair electric-generation facilities.

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