MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium

Solar Ring lighted with a programmable, customizable multi-color LED array

Some 1,350 solar panels in 47 sections power the 916 LED fixtures on a mile-long track around the top of MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Football Giants and New York Jets.

This signature Solar Ring can display team colors and additional hues to meet the needs of visiting events, including concerts and college sporting contests.

The building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) panels, manufactured by Atlantis Energy Systems of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., generate about 350 KW, nearly 25 times the amount of electricity that's actually needed to power the LED display system. The excess power can go into the general stadium use or back to the grid. NRG provides the stadium's everyday electricity; the normal energy supply can also light up the ring when the sun is down.

The panels are bolted into a steel superstructure to also provide shelter from rain and snow for fans in the highest seats.

With a full, game-day seating capacity of 82,500, MetLife Stadium is the largest stadium in the National Football League. It boasts numerous dining options and a rail line that drops fans and event-goers directly at the front door. During its inaugural year in 2010, MetLife Stadium was selected to host Super Bowl XLVIII and in 2014, the venue will become history's first open-air venue in a cold-weather region to hold football's biggest game.

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MetLife Stadium MetLife Stadium
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