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NRG and Cisco have partnered together to develop a 20-megawatt (MW) solar energy facility that generates clean, reliable solar power for delivery to Cisco's San Jose headquarters. The partnership will help Cisco meet its 2017 sustainability goals to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% and to use renewable energy for at least 25% of its power needs each year.

"Solar PPAs like this help us meet our sustainability goals, while adding more renewable energy to the grid. We will continue to evaluate opportunities to incorporate low- and no-carbon energy sources into our operations."

– Janet Ramey,
SVP of Employee Services at Cisco.

The power plant, "NRG Blythe II," took 12 months to build and created 220 jobs during the peak of construction in 2016. The project sits on a 150-acre parcel in eastern Riverside County, CA, is now home to a photovoltaic solar installation featuring 96,000 solar panels.

The amount of emission-free energy expected to be generated will be equivalent to the power needed to serve more than 100,000 homes and prevent more than 803,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions incurred from consuming 90 million gallons of gasoline.

Partnerships with industry leaders like Cisco are a key part of NRG's vision for a clean-energy future because they reinforce just how integral renewable energy is to the everyday nature of business. NRG is proud to partner with Cisco and develop unique renewable solutions that help them reach their sustainability goals.

Quick Facts

Project Cisco
Location Riverside County, CA
Project Size 20 MW
Project Completion April 2017

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