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The Dow Chemical Company

Bringing clean, renewable wind energy to power Dow's Freeport, Texas facilities

The Dow Chemical Company is committed to cost-effective clean energy alternatives – part of the company's overall vision and stated 2025 Sustainability Goals. To help them get there they partnered with us on a large-scale collaboration for renewable energy.

Specifically, that means providing sustainable clean energy through a ten-year wind power purchase agreement from the Goat Mountain I and II wind farms, which will power Dow's Freeport, Texas facilities. As a result, the company's 400 MW clean-energy target will be reached within the first year of the launch of the goal. Moving forward, Dow is resetting its renewable energy target to 750 MW by 2025.

A renewable formula for success:

  • Texas wind powers Texas facilities – the Goat Mountain I and II wind farms are located in Central Texas; Dow's Freeport facilities are on the Texas Gulf Coast
  • Collaboration supports overall corporate vision – using clean power is a key performance indicator for Dow's original 2025 Sustainability Goals – vital to its vision of accelerating the development of cost-effective clean energy alternatives and reducing carbon emissions

Quick Facts

Project The Dow Chemical Company
Location Dow facilities in Freeport, TX; NRG Goat Mountain I and II wind farms on 11,000 acres in Coke and Sterling counties, north of San Angelo, TX
Project Size 10-year power purchase agreement; 150 MW clean, renewable wind power
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