Utility-Scale Wind

Large-scale wind turbines develop and send electricity to the power grid and eventually to end users who, increasingly, are requesting and using renewable forms of energy. Currently, NRG is the sole or partial owner of more than 30 utility-scale wind farms, operating in 12 states.

NRG has ownership in four wind farms in Texas: Elbow Creek, Langford, Sherbino and South Trent:

  • The 120 MW Elbow Creek Wind Farm in Howard County near Big Spring consists of 53 Siemens wind turbine generators, each able to generate up to 2.3 MW of power.
  • The 150 MW Langford Wind Farm 25 miles south of San Angelo uses 100 General Electric 1.5 MW wind turbine generators on approximately 35,000 acres of land.
  • NRG, along with BP Wind Energy, also developed the 150 MW Sherbino I Wind Farm in Pecos County. The Sherbino I Wind Farm consists of 50 Vestas wind turbine generators, each capable of generating up to 3 MW of power. The wind farm, which BP operates and dispatches, is located approximately 40 miles east of Fort Stockton on approximately 10,000 acres.
  • The 101 megawatt South Trent wind farm near Sweetwater consists of 44 Siemens 2.3 MW wind turbines capable, at maximum capacity, of powering more than 80,000 homes.

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