Sustainability in Sports

Sustainability in Sports

Powering the most exciting events in sports

When it comes to pro football, most fans are understandably concerned with the action on the field, but for six stadiums across the country, we play a role in bringing that action to life. Our sustainable solutions have become an inspiring and productive component of the game-day experience.

By powering some of the biggest sporting events in the world, we're demonstrating the capabilities of our sustainable solutions. Such endeavors are aligned with our vision of a cleaner energy future - and just think, if we can power football Sunday with clean energy, we can power just about anything.


Our Home Field

Home to this year's Big Game, NRG Stadium features game-winning, clean energy solutions for fans at events and games.

Our retail brand, Reliant, powers the stadium with the help of our four NRG solar canopies and LED field lighting.

NRG Stadium demonstrates that sustainability is a top priority in our game plan.

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Solar Panels


Total kW


Serving the League’s
Newest Stadium

This year, US Bank Stadium will become the fourth stadium in the past five years to host the Big Game with the help of our energy services.

For over 45 years, our district energy system has provided downtown Minneapolis with steam and chilled water, heating and cooling 100 buildings over 130 blocks. And starting this season, the Minnesota Vikings, and their brand new stadium, will keep players and fans comfortable - regardless of the weather - courtesy of NRG Energy Center Minneapolis.

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Heating & Cooling

total sq footage

Powering Pats Nation

The Patriots can add sustainability to their impressive list of accomplishments in recent years. Patriot Place, the popular retail destination beside Gillette Stadium, features over 3,000 standard and translucent solar panels

These panels generate power, while also keeping the winning atmosphere alive with infinite-color LED lighting.

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Powering Home Field
Advantage - for Jets and Giants

MetLife Stadium is the only stadium in the league that's home to two football teams. To help the stadium sport both teams' colors, we installed the NRG Solar Ring, 1,350 solar panels that generate on-site electricity, including enough power to illuminate vibrant LED lights incorporated throughout.

So whichever New York team you prefer, the NRG Solar Ring has you covered.

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Jets and Giants

Solar Panels


MW Generated

25x the power needed for the NRG Solar Ring LED lights

Playing a role in powering football's top teams is an honor for us -- and an opportunity to showcase our mutual commitment to a cleaner energy future.

-Mauricio Gutierrez
President and CEO, NRG

Delivering Sustainable
Energy to Redskins Fans

The largest solar power installation in the metropolitan D.C. area belongs to FedExField, home of the Washington Redskins.

With over 8,000 solar panels, the amount of energy generated is the equivalent to more than two and a half times the power consumed during regular season game days¹.

And of course, there's Solar Man, the 30-foot statue of a quarterback near the stadium entrance lined with thin solar films.

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The League Leader
in Sustainability

11,000 solar panels line the façade, the rooftop, and even the parking lot at Lincoln Financial Field, making it the second largest solar installation at a U.S. professional sports facility.

But sunlight isn't the only element put to work in Philly; 14 energy-generating micro-wind turbines line the top of the stadium over the north and south end zones.

Aesthetically, the panels light up green, and the turbines are designed to resemble eagle talons, proving that home field advantage can be sustainable too.

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Wind Turbines


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The World's
Smartest Stadium

Levi's® Stadium's solar installations generate enough power in a year to meet the electricity demands of every 49ers home game.

The 1,150 solar panels are accompanied by three NRG Solar Bridges, which serve as the main entry to the stadium, provide shade, and demonstrate the customizable and iconic nature of NRG solar installations.

Setting a standard for sports venues across the globe, Levi's® Stadium is the first gold LEED certified stadium in the league.

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¹The solar arrays located in the parking lot of FedExField generate power, but the renewable energy certificates associated with that generating source are sold to others. Project is wholly owned by NRG.