Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

As we realize our vision to create a sustainable energy future, we're focused on disciplined strategies and smart capital allocation while adhering to the needs and concerns of our stakeholders. Critical stakeholders include our shareholders, customers, peers, policymakers, suppliers, employees, civil society and the communities we serve.

To strengthen our relationship with key stakeholders, we actively seek opportunities to engage with them and foster a collaborative dialogue. In support of this effort, NRG in 2016 became a member of Ceres, a highly respected nonprofit organization whose mission is to "mobilize investor and business leadership to build a thriving, sustainable, global economy." With Ceres, we've established a formal Stakeholder Advisory body, which meets several times a year and includes investors, customers, leading NGOs, policy groups, and energy experts. The group engages with us to provide useful feedback on how we can ensure alignment with expectations both commercial and otherwise.

Policy engagement

See the regulatory filings, white papers, presentations and other materials NRG has prepared and submitted setting forth our position on a variety of critical subjects driving our business and the industry here.

Read more in the 2016 Sustainability Report

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