Carbon Emission Goals

Carbon emission goals

In November 2014, we set industry-leading greenhouse gas reduction targets and announced a goal to cut CO2 and CO2 equivalent emissions 50 percent by 2030 and 90 percent by 2050 from a 2014 baseline.

Where economically feasible, we intend to take the following actions to achieve our goals while growing our business and creating value for our stakeholders:

  • Convert coal-fired power plants to natural gas
  • Optimize plant performance with equipment and efficiency upgrades
  • Develop utility-scale and distributed renewable energy projects
  • Be a thought leader in driving a sustainable energy future through partnerships and innovative consumer and commercial product offerings
  • Capture and sequester carbon emissions from fossil-fired power plants while also gradually retiring aging power plants

If we're successful, these actions will achieve the avoidance of approximately 3 billion tons of CO2 emissions by 2050, the equivalent of:

  • Avoiding the deforestation of 18,000 square miles of Amazon rain forest, or
  • Avoiding all of New York City's CO2 emissions, at 2005 levels, for 65 years, or
  • Avoiding the carbon emissions from the fuel and electricity of seven million homes every year between now and 2050

Read more in the 2015 Sustainability Report

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