Sustainability Context

Sustainability Context

We're focused on creating value for our shareholders today and into the future. To do so, we stay abreast of the forces of change in the industry and adapt our business accordingly.

Political/regulatory uncertainty

With or without regulation, sustainability makes good business sense and will be driven by business decisions.

Technological advances

The power industry's disruption is partly driven by advances in things such as smart-grid technologies, the electrification of transportation, battery storage and renewable energy systems.

Rapid renewable growth

More and more large businesses are committing to buying renewable electricity.

Sustainable investing/transparency

Increasingly, stakeholders request that companies exhibit transparency and voluntarily disclose non-financial data.

Sustainable procurement/supply chain

Corporations are ensuring their supply chains are transparent, resilient, and responsible both socially and environmentally.

Sustainable commitments/business practices

Businesses are setting science-based targets and extending knowledge of environmental and social issues into the boardroom.

Future workforce

Corporate social responsibility is a top priority for tomorrow's workers, including millennials.

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