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NRG works with you to find an energy solution that elevates efficiency and measuring improvement. We've helped thousands of clients save on their energy bills, and reduce energy consumption - it's good for the environment, and the bottom line.
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    Maintain flexibility

    Gain insights to optimize energy consumption without affecting reliability.

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    Thorough analysis

    Get more out of your energy approach from our understanding of your daily usage.

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Calspan was looking for ways to save money on their energy—a complex task for a 500,000 square foot research and testing facility. Our experts responded with a tailored demand response strategy.

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The NRG experience

As your trusted energy partner, we believe:
  • A deep understanding of your energy goals

    Budget reduction, hit renewable targets, or to be prepared for outages – we start by assessing your energy situation and understanding your goals.

  • Early customer engagement

    Through ongoing collaboration, customized solution possibilities are discussed and begin to take shape.

  • Flexibility

    From product structure to contracting, we give you solutions and services that adapt to your evolving energy needs. This opens opportunities for you to capitalize on changing market conditions.

  • Building enduring partnerships

    In going through this process, we collaboratively turn goals into strategy then fine-tune that into an executable solution – and, along the way, build a trusted partnership.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Whether we’re helping you understand your invoice/contract, providing analytic reporting on a product, or engaging with our Customer Care team, we’re here to ensure you have a positive experience with us.

  • Evolving together

    When your energy needs change, regulations are altered, or new technology enters the market, we’ll be there to collaborate and help you find a solution.

“We’re a full-service shop when it comes to helping customers with power, gas, demand response, and renewable products and services. We take the time to get to know your energy needs so we can help you develop a custom plan to reduce your usage and potentially lower your costs.”

Scott Hart

Senior Vice President, Business Sales

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