Calspan crash test

Conserving energy for a transportation pioneer


Prevent power outages, reduce costs and cut energy consumption year round.

7.4megawatts reduced

A progressive energy strategy for better efficiency at a lower cost.

$275Kincreased revenue

Setting high standards

Calspan was looking for ways to save money on their energy—a complex task for a 500,000 square foot research and testing facility. Our experts responded with a tailored demand response strategy.

A history of testing the limits

Calspan has been a leader in aviation testing since being founded in part by the Wright Brothers 70 years ago. And they continue to lead the industry in aerospace and transportation research today.

With headquarters in Buffalo, New York, Calspan facilities include a state-of-the-art 58,000 square foot vehicle crash test center (the only full-enclosed operation of its kind in the United States), a repeatable crash-test simulator used for child seat testing, a high-powered transonic wind tunnel and a high-performance tire testing area.

The company also operates a separate flight research and testing facility at the Niagara Falls International Airport.

  • Aerospace & transportationINDUSTRY
  • 500,000 sq. ft.SIZE
  • High (10+ MW)ENERGY NEEDS

Rising to the challenge

We found common ground with Calspan’s long-standing commitment to innovating industries. And our Network Operations Center, where our data analysts serve demand response customers, also happens to share office space on their campus.

Our experts were poised to enroll Calspan in a demand response program that would support their sizable energy footprint and cut electricity costs—all without interrupting crucial operations.

Solving for the greater good

Our solution took off with positive results. With our strategies, Calspan reduced energy consumption by 7.4 megawatts during initial summer utility programs (CSRP and SCR). This saved them nearly $275,000 in the first three months—a small reflection of the continued substantial financial incentives and energy credits their program will deliver.

  • -7.4megawatts used
  • $275Kincreased revenue
Calspan crash test
Keeping the lights on
High-energy, side-impact crash tests also require high-speed photography, enabled by banks of LED floodlights.
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By reducing usage during peak demand periods, Calspan benefits from bill credits—with zero upfront investment.

Different businesses have different needs, so we identify areas where reducing energy consumption is possible—and profitable. We worked with Calspan to understand specific usage patterns, then offered a customized suite of solutions to streamline their overall energy footprint for cost savings.

Calspan power lines

A winning strategy

Demand response programs help everyone stay powered.

For a multi-building campus like Calspan—where tests need to run at all hours, and a single wind tunnel test alone can require up to 20 megawatts of energy—strategic energy usage has a big impact.

We advise Calspan to reduce energy during peak events—for example, when the weather drives up the price of energy—in ways that can keep their operations up and running. In doing so, we don’t just help Calspan to save money. We help stabilize the entire energy grid in the process.

Lighting in Calspan facility

Reliability for all

Focused on you

Whatever your energy goal, we’re ready to craft the best solution.