Skybox Datacenter

Reliably powering the data center of the future


Achieve new levels of efficiency and reliability for Skybox’s state-of-the-art facility.

24/7uninterrupted operations

We combined generators, chillers, solar panels and a wind contract to ensure the center is never compromised.

100%backup power on-site

Setting the standard

Skybox needed to reliably power their new data center. We customized a mix of solutions to deliver industry-leading efficiency and sustainability.

Meeting high expectations

Customers expect their data to be available anytime, anywhere. That’s where Skybox comes in—they own, operate and develop data centers that serve enterprise clients across the nation. Keeping data online is their core focus.

To answer this challenge, it’s necessary for Skybox to run equipment 24/7 without interruption. Since data centers require a lot of power—an industrial-sized center uses as much energy as a small town—Skybox turned to us for a solution.

  • Data storageINDUSTRY
  • 96,129 sq. ft.SIZE
  • High (10+ MW)ENERGY NEEDS

Innovating together

Skybox is well known for crafting each of their facilities to meet the specific needs of their customers. They needed a savvy energy partner with a similar pioneering philosophy to develop and power their newest center with optimal efficiency.

We’re one of the world’s leading energy companies, providing energy efficiently, reliably and sustainably. Using our deep industry expertise, we came up with a multifaceted approach to their energy solution—all while reducing operating costs.

Online and on time

The completed Skybox Houston One data center establishes a benchmark for data centers, with modern energy solutions that include:  

  • Photovoltaic solar panel parking canopies
  • A 100 percent renewable wind contract
  • Reliable power with A/B power feeds from the grid
  • Cooling efficiency with dual 400-ton chillers with Evaporcool® Technology
  • Backup power with dual generators and a 96-hour on-site fuel supply
  • Electric vehicle charging and parking stations
  • Uninterruptible power supply for seamless operation and total reassurance
  • 100%renewable energy available
  • +30%cooling efficiency
  • 12.5 MWenergy
On-site power

Raising the bar

Skybox Houston One earns a 1.34 Power Usage Effectiveness rating—55 percent better than the industry average.

Typically, data centers only use six to 12 percent of their electricity to power servers—the vast majority is spent to keep them cool and idling safely, which is an incredibly inefficient use of energy. That’s why we implemented a pair of 400-ton chillers, resulting in a 30 percent increase in cooling efficiency while decreasing overall electricity usage.

To meet reliability and availability needs, dual two-megawatt backup generators provided a 96-hour on-site fuel supply for an enhanced level of reliability, combined with dual 1,250 kilowatt uninterruptible power supply (UPS) batteries to keep the operation running seamlessly.

On-site power
1,250 kWuninterruptible power
1.34PUE rating

Taking the LEED

Our solar solution helped the Skybox earn a LEED Silver certification for sustainable design.

We installed photovoltaic solar panels on the outside parking canopy and surrounding berm to supply enough energy to power the data center’s office suite. Known across industries, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating marks a proud moment for the partnership as it symbolizes our mutual dedication to building a better energy future.

Solar panel canopy
LEEDsilver certification

Affordable, renewable, achievable

We designed Skybox Houston One to be cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

We started by including 100 percent renewable power on-site, but we didn’t stop there. To help Skybox offset emissions and achieve their sustainability goals, we negotiated a multiyear electricity contract to make 100 percent wind power for Skybox a 100 percent possibility.

12.4Mlb. per year offset
"Our goal was to create Houston’s first mission-critical campus dedicated to delivering premier, purpose-built data centers for Houston's large enterprise users. We believe this new global data center with NRG is a strong first step."
  • Rob MorrisManaging Partner of Skybox Datacenters

“Our work with Skybox is a showcase for other data center prospects who are looking to diversify energy solutions and power their centers with the wide variety of renewable options available in the market today.”

Kim HalesSenior Vice President of Information Technology, NRG Energy

Focused on you

Whatever your energy goal, we’re ready to craft the best solution.