Leverage Strategic Load Management to Benefit your Business and the Grid

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With the grid constantly evolving and more renewables coming online, increased electrification, and evolving data center loads, there comes a new set of opportunities and challenges. Now more than ever, we want to empower our customers to be smart, responsible energy users.

As a leader on the Origination team at NRG, I want to share all the incredible work we do to help our customers reduce energy use and costs. As energy efficiency, load shifting, and behind-the-meter technologies such as rooftop solar and backup generation become more mainstream, our team works to identify the best solutions for customer needs. Our understanding of supply contracts combined with demand management helps paint a better picture of customers’ energy expenses and which approach may be the most impactful.

Meet Mansur & the strategic load management team

After 12 years working at NRG, I am incredibly proud to be a part of the Origination team where everyone brings their varied expertise and many years of experience to the table. We foster a collaborative environment where we are all working toward the same goal — to provide the most value for our customers. Our Origination team - Strategic Load Management (SLM) - bridges the gap between the wholesale teams who manage the positions of the retail book, and the retail sales organization selling the commodity to end-use customers. We help connect them by exploring available market opportunities as new consumers join the grid. In addition to being agile, we have a strong technical aptitude and the insight needed for today’s evolving grid, enabling customers to monetize flexible demand and drive better demand management. It’s not a one-size-fits-all, we work with various market participants such as brokers, consultants, and vendors to help customers best realize their potential savings.

Saving money and reducing grid impact

To give you a snapshot of our workday, let’s start with a typical question from our retail Sales team — “What can we do to help our customer reduce their overall spend?”

Our team starts with a high-level data analysis using the online account management (OAM) tool to evaluate the customer’s energy usage during various times of the day, and checks if they have operational flexibility to modify their power consumption during key hours. We strive to understand how the customer consumes energy and what comprises their operations. Then we look at Strategic Load Management programs built for different types of customers, including Responsive Economic Dispatch (RED) which allows participating customers to get paid by reducing load during peak hours. Other programs include Demand Response which gives customers a tailored reduction plan to help meet business objectives and manage their energy footprint. One of the great things about SLM is the associated cost savings we bring to our customers, and our team is seeing a lot of success in this area.

What’s next for the SLM team

We understand with limited conventional dispatchable generation coming online in the near term, the grid needs additional ways to maintain resiliency from load or generation. We will continue to support and encourage our customers to improve their load shape and find an optimized situation that fits their needs. Our SLM team remains focused on evaluating various markets and ISOs, where NRG operates, to find new ways to add value for our customers. We also continue to develop the NRG Vendor Network to continue enhancing value for our C&I customers.

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