How NRG’s Unique Work Culture Celebrates the Importance of Fatherhood

How NRG’s Unique Work Culture Celebrates the Importance of Fatherhood

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When we’re little, our world is relatively little as well; it consists of what we directly observe. And in the small world of childhood, perhaps nothing feels so big as the presence of papa. Their influence is powerful. It runs deep.

A father’s role is different from moms’ — and distinctly important. When dads don’t have their children’s hands, they have their backs. When dads show their children how to dream, kids can see a future. When dads help their children feel safe, being brave isn’t so hard. Dads have the power to teach their children about the world in a manner unlike anyone else, and more memorably than anyone else.

The way that fathers show up for their family is just as powerful as the way that they show up for their colleagues, and it’s not an easy juggling act. Being a dad is not something “perfect men” do; it’s something that perfects the man. Because nothing teaches patience, empathy, persistence, resilience, and selflessness more than being a parent.

Undoubtedly, this is why dads make for such outstanding teammates. At NRG, we’re proud of the exceptional fathers who play an integral role at home and in shaping our company’s future. Their dedication and distinctive way of seeing things serve as a source of inspiration for us all.

Whether they’re leading teams, driving innovation, or collaborating on projects, their experience as fathers brings a unique perspective to the table. They are quintessential problem-solvers skilled at showing up — because that’s what fatherhood has taught them is most important: being there.

We know that, for our dad colleagues, being a father is their most important job. In today’s society, dads are investing more time in their families than ever before; and that’s why work culture and policies that promote family involvement are essential.

No one succeeds alone. For dads to be the superheroes they’re capable of being, they need an employer who puts wellbeing front and center. Through mentorship programs, employee resource groups, and flexible work arrangements, we cultivate a culture that empowers dads to excel both professionally and personally.

We believe that supporting fathers is a true win-win. Because when dads have harmony between work in the office and work at home, their passion and presence fuel our company’s success and shape the culture of excellence that defines NRG.

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